Contact Celebrity Tips

* When asking for an Autographed photograph, be sure to include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, with the correct postage. For postage Tariffs, check

* Write a sincere letter, and keep it short (usually no more than 1 page) and to the point. DO NOT use a form letter.

* If you want a signed item, the chances are higher if you send something to be signed (posters, photographs, books, etc.). You can purchase posters and books in, in the Celebrities’ pages.

* You may want to enclose a cardboard as well, so the photograph won’t get bended or folded in mail.

* If you find a successful address that does not appear on, be sure to add it to our database so other fans would be able to use it as well.

* Be Patient. It usually takes the celebrities months to respond. Sometimes, it can even take more than a year!