Top Ten Bikini Movie Scenes of All Times

There were many scenes featuring bikini swimsuits during the years in Hollywood.

Our experts in CelebritiesFans chose the top ten bikini movie scenes of all times and brought them to you, with descriptions and video clips.

Some of the scenes are well known, some are less, but all of them are epic and had a special impact on the history of the cinema. Feel free to comment and tell us what are your favorite bikini scenes, we’d love to hear your thoughs.

1. Dr. No

The first movie in the “James Bond 007” series, featured the Swiss sex symbol Ursula Andress wearing a hot, tiny, white bikini in a scene that is considered by many movie experts as the best bikini scene of all times.

Andress, who portrayed Honey Ryder in this movie, went out of the sea, singing and wearing a bikini in one of the most memorable scenes in the James Bond series, which was shocking during the conservative era of the 1960s.

Andress later starred in another James Bond film, Casino Royale, and in many other movies and TV shows.

Dr. No was the first movie in the James Bond series, in which the Scottish actor Sean Connery portrayed Bond.

2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

A 1982 comedy about a group of high school students from California, starring Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

In a very famous, almost legendary scene from this movie, Linda Barrett (portrayed by Phoebe Cates) gets out of the water, wearing a tight red bikini, and takes off its top.

The entire scene is fantasized by Brad (portrayed by Judge Reinhold) while masturbating.

3. Beach Party

The first movie in the famous 1960’s series, starring Annette Funicelloand Frankie Avalon, about an Anthropology Professor and his secretary following the sex habits of teenage surfers.

The entire movie takes place in the sunny beaches and Rock-n-Roll parties, with tan teenage girls wearing bikini swimsuits, all of them are observed by the Professor and assistant. Kink, but true.

4. The Girl in the Bikini (Manina, la fille sans voiles)

This French film from 1952 includes one of the first bikini scenes in the history of modern cinema when the beautiful French actress Brigitte Bardot as the eighteen years old daughter of a light-keeper on an island, on which a treasure is believed to be.

Bardot’s provocative (from these times’ point of view) black bikini swimwear was the highlight of the film, and thousands of men, all around the world, went to watch the movie just for that.

5. Return of the Jedi

The VI episode of the well-known Star Wars series, in which the rebels attempt to destroy the second death star while Luke (portrayed by Mark Hamill) tries to bring his dad to the light side of the force.

Between the clashes and action scene, Leia the princess (portrayed by Carrie Fisher), now a slave, is wearing a metal bikini while confronting Jabba.

6. Top Secret!

A nonsense parody on World War II spy movies, written by the trio Jim Abrahams and the Zucker brothers (who also co-wrote “Airplane” and the “Naked Gun” series). This film is about a Rock-n-Roll singer Nick Rivers (portrayed by Val Kilmer) who finds himself involved in a plot to rescue a scientist from East Germany.

The opening scene features dozens of bikini-wearing girls on the beach, including a notable one whose chest leaves two holes in the sand when she wakes up from her nap.

7. The Dukes of Hazzard

A comedy from 2005 based on a TV series that aired between 1979 and 1985, about three cousins and their uncle from the rural part of Georgia, who gets into trouble with the local Sheriff.

In the most famous scene of the movie, cousin Daisy Duke (portrayed by Jessica Simpson) takes off her long brown coat and reveals a sexy, tiny pink bikini to make the Deputy Sheriff reveal her a secret.

8. Swimming Pool

An acclaimed 2003 movie about a British author (portrayed by Charlotte Rampling) who visits her publisher’s house in France, where she meets his daughter Julie (portrayed by Ludivine Sagnier).

The movie explores the dynamics and relationship between the two women and features a famous bikini scene in which the publisher’s daughter gets out of the swimming pool wearing only a bikini, asking the author “Are you going to tell my Daddy?”.

9. Piranha 3D

A horror movie from 2010 (the newest in our list), filmed in three dimensions, about men-eating piranha fish in Lake Victoria, during the spring party season when the lake is filled with teenagers looking to have fun, get drunk, and have sex.

During the party, two young girls are dancing closely on a yacht, wearing red and blue bikinis, in front of a cheering crowd.

10. Die Another Day

The last bikini scene on our list, like the first one, is from a James Bond movie.

This time, it’s the 2002 thriller “Die Another Day”, where James Bond is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan and James Bond’s girl, Jinx Johnson, is portrayed by the beautiful Halle Berry.

In the most famous scene in the film, Bond is looking towards the sea and suddenly Jinx gets out from the water wearing an orange bikini, in what seems to be a tribute to the unforgettable scene from Dr. No.