7 Ways Music Can Improve Your Wellness

Wellness and music

You might have heard all the motivation in the world about doing exercises, practicing mindfulness, staying positive and all in order for you to have a healthy living.

Taking control of your life is within your reach to achieve and your choice of music should not be overlooked in this pursuit.  

The many ways music can improve wellness can be amazing. See the 7 basic ways music can improve your wellness.

1) Music can have direct impact on our health by improving the immune system

One of the most striking impact that music can possibly have on your wellness is help in boosting your immunity and reducing stress.

According to Wellness Warrior, these results help to get well and prevent majority of disease conditions.

Credit to all the wellness warriors out there that provide professional therapeutic help to patients.

However, we have to thank the hormones for playing their part in responding to music stimulation that help us get well.

It is observed that most health benefits of music are based on hormonal stimulation-regulations cycle in the body.

For example, the immunity benefits as in Koyama, M., et al. occurs when hormones that reduce cortisol levels are secreted.

2) Music can feed your Psychological Needs

You can have music for every type of feeling possible. Generally, the music we love most tend to boost positive emotional expressions.

Music therapy that focus on human psychology and music has been the trend to watch recently and it has gained more attention in female technology especially in recent years. It’s important to keep your psyche in a good state, not only for yourself, but your friends, and anyone you’re trying to date. According to DatingInsider.com, this is particularly important with older women who have more experience.

3) Music can improve your sleep cycle

For some cases music therapy has been the common prescription to correct sleep disorders.

There are categories of music that are created to “make you sleep or have deep sleep.”

4) Music can help improve case of depression

People have managed to go through the painful phase of depression by seeking professional help and music is a way that some patients find comfort as well.

Increasing trials confirm that music helps to improve depression and anxiety and it’s a valid therapy.

5) Music can improve motivation for physical performances


Athletes often listen to music to prepare their mind to focus on the task ahead of them.

Study suggests that music can help delay fatigue or help you to push further a bit without paying more attention to the stress.

Karageorghis, el al. found that faster paced music tempo increased performance on the treadmill.

6) Music can make you feel good and boost a heathier and happier life

The feel-good experience can come when you play a musical instrument or when you listen to good music played.

Research shows that feel-good hormones can help you recover faster.

7) Music can help enhance your mood while eating and help you lose weight ultimately

Music Enhance Mood

The reason why calm music can help you eat slower and effectively prevent over eating is simple.

In contrast to faster paced music, boosting exercise speed, slower paced music also correlates to slower eating pace. Eating slower allows enough time for your brain to process when you are full.


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