Where to Spot Celebrities in New York

Many tourists who visit the USA spend some of their time in the country trying to meet celebrities.

Spotting celebrity became a major industry in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, as many companies offer tours and bus rides between the celebrity homes, while others publish maps and books about celebrity estates.

While the showbiz concentrates in California, the second most popular place for spotting celebrities is the big apple, New York City. Many actors and singers live there, while others visit the town for filming or appearing in Broadway shows.

TuxJunction is proud to present you with 5 restaurants and bars that celebrities usually attend, for all of you who are interested in spotting celebrities in NYC.

1. The Spotted Pig

314 West 11th St.

The second floor of this west village pub is known as a hang-out location of actors and singers. Recently some blogs reported that actor David Schwimmer, singer Courtney Love and Rapper Jay-Z were spotted there, as well as many other celebs. The place offers a wide variety of beers and wines, as well as basic food menu.

2. ABC Kitchen

35 East 18th St.

An organic restaurant between Broadway and Park Avenue, which became very popular among vegetarian celebs. While eating there, you may bump into actress Meg Ryan, singer Katy Perry and actor Stanley Tucci.

3. Crown Restaurant

24 East 81st St.

The new restaurant of the well-known chef John DeLucie. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus, and a meal usually costs 50-100 dollar for one person. Among its clients, you can find singer Madonna, actor Jim Carrey and actress Anne Hathaway.

4. Minetta Tavern

113 MacDougal St.

A well known, old restaurant in Greenwich Village, which was established in 1937. In the past, the author Ernest Hemingway and poet Ezra Pound used to eat here, while today you can find here the comedian Jerry Seinfeld and actress Brooke Shields. The restaurant is most famous for its steaks and offers a large cocktail menu as well.

5. Il Mulino

86 West 3rd St.

A popular Italian restaurant which offers a wide range of pastas, fish, beef and veal plates. The New York Times revealed (back in 2009) that president Barack Obama and former president Bill Clinton had lunch there. Regularly, you can spot here actor Vince Vaughnand actress Leah Remini.