Where Are The Hives?

New picture surfaced. This one is no fake.

As you have already read previously in the PRINT, and quite probably, noticed yourself, The Hives are still missing from the world of music.

Last issue this reporter could reveal that no more than 9 months ago they had been in a lake in Sweden. And now, a new picture has surfaced.

We came across this photograph in an envelope with no stamp on the doorstep of our HQ.

This would indicate that someone dropped it off in person. The envelope carried the legend R.F. Could this mean Randy Fitzsimmons!?!

Even if it doesn’t

someone knows about our quest and wants us, and eventually, you to know. This much is clear.

The picture was immediately rushed to the lab and dusted for prints and fibers but unfortunately, nothing was found.

Whoever these people were they must have been seriously skilled professionals. Now for the really interesting part…


Yes. This is true. The picture, crystal clear as it is, depicts singer Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist singing or screaming into what appears to be a microphone.

A large number of experts were called upon to verify this. “It’s studio equipment alright,” says record producer A. “It looks like they might be musicians,” says Musician B. “It sure looks like the HIVES!” says Hives fan C.

One can draw the conclusion that they, being a band, are in the studio recording. Dare I say that this could mean a new record by them? I mean it’s been quite a while and I believe they have at least one record deal.

If so it would mean an end to the silence and a start of a new period of feverish activity from the monochrome men of majestic music.

This could only be a good thing, no?

Dare we hope that the return of the HIVES is on the horizon? Count on this reporter to be tireless in his search and watch this space for moreā€¦