The Hives back on UK soil!

The Hives have now been back to the UK in an effort to claim back what was always rightfully theirs.

The hearts of the British youth. Need I say they were successful?

The tour or campaign or crusade or whatever you wanna call it started in Southampton and swept through the island like a, like a, like a STORM! Despite evil rumors that the Britons had forgotten they certainly turned up en masse to attend the concerts.

Fantastic meetings of fans and band commenced in locations such as London, Glasgow, Sheffield Dublin, and many, many more.

During the week and a half spent in the kingdoms, The Hives were plagued by the Phyllisea Panoramis bug.

A bug that attacks the lymphatic systems causing symptoms such as dizziness, fever, hallucinations, weakness of muscles, and general confusion.

This led to a 10% diminished capacity for the band which just means that you should really hold on to your hat if they get there in good health.

Sources close to the band now claim that they are now fully recovered and back on tour.

Let’s keep those fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, a famous local gossip (they call it music over there) mag sent one of their minions to a far corner of the earth to look for cracks in the facade as they say.

The critique is that the black and white ones were repeating themselves.

This from an AC/DC fan.


The Hives also performed a celebrated performance on a TV show called Jonathan Ross.

They enjoyed this. There they met Nancy Sinatra and a conversation kind of like this emerged.

N: I like you guys a lot! 

TH: We like you too! 

And so forth! 

Anyone who attended one of the earlier Hives shows will know that they would often end with Sugar town by Nancy and that they are long time fans.

This business started again and if you go see them now maybe, just maybe you will hear Sugar town after the sets. 

It sure is good to see them boys back at it again!