Tryannosaurus Hives Found!

It turns out the HIVES have not split up, died, gone into politics or grown up as some of the more recent rumours would have it. It turns out they have been DIGGING!

Yes, that is correct. They have spent the last year and a half since they stopped touring relentlessly excavating the backyard of Hive Manor, attempting something people said they would be crazy to try. It was said to be a myth.

An Eldorado, an Atlantis, a Loch Ness monster, an Apollo program. Count on the HIVES to prove them all wrong cause here it is…

But let’s take it from the top, shall we? Yes, let’s!

When, in 2001, they played 250+ shows, wowed audiences from Tokyo to Trondheim, from Glasgow to Georgia, reintroduced rock in the mainstream (No, I mean actual ROCK MUSIC) and truly became everybody and their mama’s new favourite band, their plan had already been in action for 7 years.

Formed in the small industrial town of Fagersta, Sweden in 1993, the Hives, then in their early teens were saved from boredom and despair by Mr. Randy Fitzimmons. He came to them with the idea to start a musical group based on everything he and the band found exciting.

After teaching themselves to play instruments and then practising, perfecting and polishing their craft, they released their first album ‘Barely Legal’ in 1997 to much acclaim.

A perfect statement of teenage will power over pretty much everything else, it was hailed by people fed up with the staleness of contemporary rock. Here was a band with roots but a mind of their own. Style and grace yet swerve and brute force. Not to mention the sheer energy to power the watch on your wrist and the sun in the sky.

Touring commenced and took them several laps around Sweden and Europe gathering a cult following that grew steadily upon each visit. Dressed in black and white and looking out of sight, the gloves were off and they were ready for anything.

Exactly what to do – record a record so good the world can’t ignore it. They release ‘Veni Vidi Vicious’ and nothing is ever the same.

Rave reviews, more touring and that steadily growing cult following that can no longer fit into the clubs they play. A full year and a half of sold out shows later…

Cue big time UK industry guy and all around music fan Alan McGee (Oasis, Primal Scream, Creation Records) sees the Hives on German TV and decides that this is important.

He has the band put together a form of greatest hits for his Poptones label. ‘Your New Favourite Band’, as the result is dubbed, catches a sleeping England by surprise.

Rock music that is exciting and dangerous not really being the toast of the town lately.

Cue ‘Rock is back!’ headlines in newspapers and on TV. “We always knew the world would catch on, we just had to wait them in”, as the band themselves say.

Cue hits ‘Hate To Say I Told You So’ and ‘Main Offender’ and things are drastically different. People in the UK once again connect rock bands with showmanship, excitement, and an actual good time. Your new favorite band? Indeed.

In the space of a few short months, the band then go on to conquer America and beyond.

People everywhere now talk about, listen to and praise our five heroes. The world seems a little bit blacker and a little bit whiter. Phase Two is

complete. Time to initiate Phase Three.

After touring for three years, the Hives suddenly decide on a full stop. A new record deal is signed and they go back to Hive Manor, their HQ in Fagersta, Sweden. Here they will spend all their time until they come up with a new sound, they promise. A more metronomic, monotonous and mechanical sound. “After playing the same songs for three years, we wanted to surprise ourselves again,” they say. This is where the traces end.

Well, The calendar now says 2004, and the Hives have been missing from the world for a year and a half.

Their doubters and enemies have already begun scribbling their obituaries and their fans have to try and make do with the copycat bands that follow in their wake. Things look bleak…


After much research, the members of the Hives discovered that Tyrannosaurus Hives had to be located in their own backyard. Two weeks after touring stopped, digging would start. Reports of strange noises heard all over Fagersta commenced.

As the ’90s layer was still covered in smelly crap, the first layer to be thoroughly searched contained the bleeps and bloops of the ’80s new wave. Interesting! They dug further. The metallic kerrang of ’70s punk. Wow!

They dug further still. The shaking hair and swinging hips of ’60s rock and soul. Useful! Further… Slapback echo, twangy guitar – this must be the ’50s. Further. The primal force and the sheer joy of ’40s R’n’B. Good. Further….further…further. KRITA, JURA…


Tyrannosaurus Hives is all you hoped for and more.

Tyrannosaurus Hives is a record so full of potential hits, it would take a hundred songwriters working for a hundred years to come up with anything like it.

Tyrannosaurus Hives is an album recorded in Sweden by Pelle Gunnerfeldt, who also recorded their previous two, despite many of the world’s biggest-name producers lining up to work with them. “It’s the only way we wanted to do it,” they say.

Tyrannosaurus Hives is a record by a band so fired up that, if you look closely, you can see small drops of sweat when you open the disc.

Where Are The Hives?

New picture surfaced. This one is no fake.

As you have already read previously in the PRINT, and quite probably, noticed yourself, The Hives are still missing from the world of music.

Last issue this reporter could reveal that no more than 9 months ago they had been in a lake in Sweden. And now, a new picture has surfaced.

We came across this photograph in an envelope with no stamp on the doorstep of our HQ.

This would indicate that someone dropped it off in person. The envelope carried the legend R.F. Could this mean Randy Fitzsimmons!?!

Even if it doesn’t

someone knows about our quest and wants us, and eventually, you to know. This much is clear.

The picture was immediately rushed to the lab and dusted for prints and fibers but unfortunately, nothing was found.

Whoever these people were they must have been seriously skilled professionals. Now for the really interesting part…


Yes. This is true. The picture, crystal clear as it is, depicts singer Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist singing or screaming into what appears to be a microphone.

A large number of experts were called upon to verify this. “It’s studio equipment alright,” says record producer A. “It looks like they might be musicians,” says Musician B. “It sure looks like the HIVES!” says Hives fan C.

One can draw the conclusion that they, being a band, are in the studio recording. Dare I say that this could mean a new record by them? I mean it’s been quite a while and I believe they have at least one record deal.

If so it would mean an end to the silence and a start of a new period of feverish activity from the monochrome men of majestic music.

This could only be a good thing, no?

Dare we hope that the return of the HIVES is on the horizon? Count on this reporter to be tireless in his search and watch this space for more…

7 Ways Music Can Improve Your Wellness

Wellness and music

You might have heard all the motivation in the world about doing exercises, practicing mindfulness, staying positive and all in order for you to have a healthy living.

Taking control of your life is within your reach to achieve and your choice of music should not be overlooked in this pursuit.  

The many ways music can improve wellness can be amazing. See the 7 basic ways music can improve your wellness.

1) Music can have direct impact on our health by improving the immune system

One of the most striking impact that music can possibly have on your wellness is help in boosting your immunity and reducing stress.

According to Wellness Warrior, these results help to get well and prevent majority of disease conditions.

Credit to all the wellness warriors out there that provide professional therapeutic help to patients.

However, we have to thank the hormones for playing their part in responding to music stimulation that help us get well.

It is observed that most health benefits of music are based on hormonal stimulation-regulations cycle in the body.

For example, the immunity benefits as in Koyama, M., et al. occurs when hormones that reduce cortisol levels are secreted.

2) Music can feed your Psychological Needs

You can have music for every type of feeling possible. Generally, the music we love most tend to boost positive emotional expressions.

Music therapy that focus on human psychology and music has been the trend to watch recently and it has gained more attention in female technology especially in recent years. It’s important to keep your psyche in a good state, not only for yourself, but your friends, and anyone you’re trying to date. According to, this is particularly important with older women who have more experience.

3) Music can improve your sleep cycle

For some cases music therapy has been the common prescription to correct sleep disorders.

There are categories of music that are created to “make you sleep or have deep sleep.”

4) Music can help improve case of depression

People have managed to go through the painful phase of depression by seeking professional help and music is a way that some patients find comfort as well.

Increasing trials confirm that music helps to improve depression and anxiety and it’s a valid therapy.

5) Music can improve motivation for physical performances


Athletes often listen to music to prepare their mind to focus on the task ahead of them.

Study suggests that music can help delay fatigue or help you to push further a bit without paying more attention to the stress.

Karageorghis, el al. found that faster paced music tempo increased performance on the treadmill.

6) Music can make you feel good and boost a heathier and happier life

The feel-good experience can come when you play a musical instrument or when you listen to good music played.

Research shows that feel-good hormones can help you recover faster.

7) Music can help enhance your mood while eating and help you lose weight ultimately

Music Enhance Mood

The reason why calm music can help you eat slower and effectively prevent over eating is simple.

In contrast to faster paced music, boosting exercise speed, slower paced music also correlates to slower eating pace. Eating slower allows enough time for your brain to process when you are full.


Karageorghis, C.I., & Priest, D.L. (2012). Music in the Exercise Domain: A Review and Synthesis (part II). International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 5(1), 67-84.

The Hives back on UK soil!

The Hives have now been back to the UK in an effort to claim back what was always rightfully theirs.

The hearts of the British youth. Need I say they were successful?

The tour or campaign or crusade or whatever you wanna call it started in Southampton and swept through the island like a, like a, like a STORM! Despite evil rumors that the Britons had forgotten they certainly turned up en masse to attend the concerts.

Fantastic meetings of fans and band commenced in locations such as London, Glasgow, Sheffield Dublin, and many, many more.

During the week and a half spent in the kingdoms, The Hives were plagued by the Phyllisea Panoramis bug.

A bug that attacks the lymphatic systems causing symptoms such as dizziness, fever, hallucinations, weakness of muscles, and general confusion.

This led to a 10% diminished capacity for the band which just means that you should really hold on to your hat if they get there in good health.

Sources close to the band now claim that they are now fully recovered and back on tour.

Let’s keep those fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, a famous local gossip (they call it music over there) mag sent one of their minions to a far corner of the earth to look for cracks in the facade as they say.

The critique is that the black and white ones were repeating themselves.

This from an AC/DC fan.


The Hives also performed a celebrated performance on a TV show called Jonathan Ross.

They enjoyed this. There they met Nancy Sinatra and a conversation kind of like this emerged.

N: I like you guys a lot! 

TH: We like you too! 

And so forth! 

Anyone who attended one of the earlier Hives shows will know that they would often end with Sugar town by Nancy and that they are long time fans.

This business started again and if you go see them now maybe, just maybe you will hear Sugar town after the sets. 

It sure is good to see them boys back at it again! 

Where to Spot Celebrities in New York

Many tourists who visit the USA spend some of their time in the country trying to meet celebrities.

Spotting celebrity became a major industry in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, as many companies offer tours and bus rides between the celebrity homes, while others publish maps and books about celebrity estates.

While the showbiz concentrates in California, the second most popular place for spotting celebrities is the big apple, New York City. Many actors and singers live there, while others visit the town for filming or appearing in Broadway shows.

TuxJunction is proud to present you with 5 restaurants and bars that celebrities usually attend, for all of you who are interested in spotting celebrities in NYC.

1. The Spotted Pig

314 West 11th St.

The second floor of this west village pub is known as a hang-out location of actors and singers. Recently some blogs reported that actor David Schwimmer, singer Courtney Love and Rapper Jay-Z were spotted there, as well as many other celebs. The place offers a wide variety of beers and wines, as well as basic food menu.

2. ABC Kitchen

35 East 18th St.

An organic restaurant between Broadway and Park Avenue, which became very popular among vegetarian celebs. While eating there, you may bump into actress Meg Ryan, singer Katy Perry and actor Stanley Tucci.

3. Crown Restaurant

24 East 81st St.

The new restaurant of the well-known chef John DeLucie. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus, and a meal usually costs 50-100 dollar for one person. Among its clients, you can find singer Madonna, actor Jim Carrey and actress Anne Hathaway.

4. Minetta Tavern

113 MacDougal St.

A well known, old restaurant in Greenwich Village, which was established in 1937. In the past, the author Ernest Hemingway and poet Ezra Pound used to eat here, while today you can find here the comedian Jerry Seinfeld and actress Brooke Shields. The restaurant is most famous for its steaks and offers a large cocktail menu as well.

5. Il Mulino

86 West 3rd St.

A popular Italian restaurant which offers a wide range of pastas, fish, beef and veal plates. The New York Times revealed (back in 2009) that president Barack Obama and former president Bill Clinton had lunch there. Regularly, you can spot here actor Vince Vaughnand actress Leah Remini.

Top Ten Bikini Movie Scenes of All Times

There were many scenes featuring bikini swimsuits during the years in Hollywood.

Our experts in CelebritiesFans chose the top ten bikini movie scenes of all times and brought them to you, with descriptions and video clips.

Some of the scenes are well known, some are less, but all of them are epic and had a special impact on the history of the cinema. Feel free to comment and tell us what are your favorite bikini scenes, we’d love to hear your thoughs.

1. Dr. No

The first movie in the “James Bond 007” series, featured the Swiss sex symbol Ursula Andress wearing a hot, tiny, white bikini in a scene that is considered by many movie experts as the best bikini scene of all times.

Andress, who portrayed Honey Ryder in this movie, went out of the sea, singing and wearing a bikini in one of the most memorable scenes in the James Bond series, which was shocking during the conservative era of the 1960s.

Andress later starred in another James Bond film, Casino Royale, and in many other movies and TV shows.

Dr. No was the first movie in the James Bond series, in which the Scottish actor Sean Connery portrayed Bond.

2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

A 1982 comedy about a group of high school students from California, starring Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

In a very famous, almost legendary scene from this movie, Linda Barrett (portrayed by Phoebe Cates) gets out of the water, wearing a tight red bikini, and takes off its top.

The entire scene is fantasized by Brad (portrayed by Judge Reinhold) while masturbating.

3. Beach Party

The first movie in the famous 1960’s series, starring Annette Funicelloand Frankie Avalon, about an Anthropology Professor and his secretary following the sex habits of teenage surfers.

The entire movie takes place in the sunny beaches and Rock-n-Roll parties, with tan teenage girls wearing bikini swimsuits, all of them are observed by the Professor and assistant. Kink, but true.

4. The Girl in the Bikini (Manina, la fille sans voiles)

This French film from 1952 includes one of the first bikini scenes in the history of modern cinema when the beautiful French actress Brigitte Bardot as the eighteen years old daughter of a light-keeper on an island, on which a treasure is believed to be.

Bardot’s provocative (from these times’ point of view) black bikini swimwear was the highlight of the film, and thousands of men, all around the world, went to watch the movie just for that.

5. Return of the Jedi

The VI episode of the well-known Star Wars series, in which the rebels attempt to destroy the second death star while Luke (portrayed by Mark Hamill) tries to bring his dad to the light side of the force.

Between the clashes and action scene, Leia the princess (portrayed by Carrie Fisher), now a slave, is wearing a metal bikini while confronting Jabba.

6. Top Secret!

A nonsense parody on World War II spy movies, written by the trio Jim Abrahams and the Zucker brothers (who also co-wrote “Airplane” and the “Naked Gun” series). This film is about a Rock-n-Roll singer Nick Rivers (portrayed by Val Kilmer) who finds himself involved in a plot to rescue a scientist from East Germany.

The opening scene features dozens of bikini-wearing girls on the beach, including a notable one whose chest leaves two holes in the sand when she wakes up from her nap.

7. The Dukes of Hazzard

A comedy from 2005 based on a TV series that aired between 1979 and 1985, about three cousins and their uncle from the rural part of Georgia, who gets into trouble with the local Sheriff.

In the most famous scene of the movie, cousin Daisy Duke (portrayed by Jessica Simpson) takes off her long brown coat and reveals a sexy, tiny pink bikini to make the Deputy Sheriff reveal her a secret.

8. Swimming Pool

An acclaimed 2003 movie about a British author (portrayed by Charlotte Rampling) who visits her publisher’s house in France, where she meets his daughter Julie (portrayed by Ludivine Sagnier).

The movie explores the dynamics and relationship between the two women and features a famous bikini scene in which the publisher’s daughter gets out of the swimming pool wearing only a bikini, asking the author “Are you going to tell my Daddy?”.

9. Piranha 3D

A horror movie from 2010 (the newest in our list), filmed in three dimensions, about men-eating piranha fish in Lake Victoria, during the spring party season when the lake is filled with teenagers looking to have fun, get drunk, and have sex.

During the party, two young girls are dancing closely on a yacht, wearing red and blue bikinis, in front of a cheering crowd.

10. Die Another Day

The last bikini scene on our list, like the first one, is from a James Bond movie.

This time, it’s the 2002 thriller “Die Another Day”, where James Bond is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan and James Bond’s girl, Jinx Johnson, is portrayed by the beautiful Halle Berry.

In the most famous scene in the film, Bond is looking towards the sea and suddenly Jinx gets out from the water wearing an orange bikini, in what seems to be a tribute to the unforgettable scene from Dr. No.