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The Internet has connected everyone across the globe

How Web Host Influences Your Website

When you look for the basic facilities that web host would provide you, do not forget to consider the hosts’ influences on the working and ranking of your site. Choosing shared or dedicated web hosting, selecting the platform for your website, gaining access to software and others is, however, not enough. To improve the performance of your site you should consider these following aspects.

Web Host Influences Website Performance & SEO

You could buy SEO domains and use keywords for better ranking. However, your choice of a web host directly affects the ranking in certain ways.

  • Location of the server: your site should be reachable to your target audience. Now if your targeted users are from another country, you need a web host of that particular country, under which you can have your own website. A person located in the USA using a search engine would get access to sites firstly whose servers are in the same country itself. Those websites from web hosts in other countries would fail to reach the visitor.


  • The performance of server: this includes two serious factors:
  1. Speed: Google in 2010 made it explicit that speed of loading the page is important for ranking. This is not a major factor, but important nonetheless. Google can penalize your website for being very slow. The design of your page is important for the speed but so is the speed of your web host.

  1. Uptime: You can save your site from going down. You should choose the server whose hosting guarantees its regular software updates and up to the market standards. Inattention in this matter can put your website down, due to which your customers want to be able to reach you. Even the search engines would fail to access your website.

Security of the web host determines the security of your website:

Besides ranking high on search engine, security of the website is equally important for you and the viewers. You might know the drawbacks of your site being hacked and would take all preventive measures to keep it free of malware. All is over when Google finds malware in websites and penalizes or replaces them with new ones. Even the customers on alert would not visit your site. This is a nightmare, which you would want to avoid at all cost.

So what affects your site even after all your security measures? The other websites, which affected with virus, and malware share same web host, as yours become your threats. It is easy for hackers to hack website sharing equivalent hosting service. Only web hosts can nullify these potential malware threats by adapting stern preventive measures.


Therefore, select server whose hosting meets all your needs, while also providing top performance, security. The choice of location is yours, so consider it according to your target audience. Furthermore, make sure the web host company supports you, allows you to use multiple domains, and offers a refund if things go awry.

Insight Into The Global Internet Trends For 2017

In the present times, the business houses promote their products and services through the online marketing source. The Internet has connected everyone across the globe, and people are increasing their business with the help of online market opportunities. Most of the companies prefer various selling platforms like the Amazon and Ebay for the selling of goods and services to worldwide audiences. However, with the changing technology, everything has undergone a vast transform and here are some of the latest trends discussed below:


Increase in Smartphone Users

From the last year, the rising use of mobile devices has made its place on a global platform, and the year 2017 is going to witness an increased usage too. Even Google has made mobile friendly website design mandatory as well. The global market has seen an upsurge of the mobile commerce, and many companies are being benefited by it.

Designing and Developing the Software

Now the marketers find it easy to build up and design the independent software that will help them to increase their market turnover. Many start-ups and other companies have seen success by building own software and the mobile apps that help them to increase marketing success of the companies. As the mobile users have increased in the present times, so web traffic will also witness a great success.

Introduction of Analytics 2.0

The Internet will see a change in the year 2017, in which big data will be converted into the actionable data. The introduction of Analytics 2.0 software has helped the companies in measuring the online marketing growth and the SEO done by the experts. With this, the company focuses more on the analyzing of the data and creating a single dashboard for all the data sources.

Emphasis on Right Time Marketing

Until the last year, the marketers focused more on the real-time marketing for connecting with their audiences and customers immediately. With the latest trends being introduced and the emphasis is given on Analytics 2.0, the focus is currently on the precise time marketing. The goal of every company is to reach out to the users within few seconds. Therefore, the analytics software will tell the accurate moment to connect with the audiences. The focus of the business houses is now to reach to the exact person with the help of right channel at the right time.

Rapid Growth of E-Commerce

The global market has invested more in the recent years in the E-commerce as this market is growing rapidly. The massive investment reached to nearly $340 billion and with the arrival of the New Year and latest trends now with E-commerce business houses can make 10% of total retail sales. The improvement in the technology and Internet has helped the business houses to develop via social media marketing and through mobile commerce too.



From the above, it can be inferred that the modern trends will be seen in the IT marketing, as the global audience love the contemporary concepts and attractive way of advertising. Therefore, marketers need to be extra cautious about this and have to mingle with the latest trends with the online opportunities in order to get a good rate of return on the investments.